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11 Step To Apply Google Adsense

Posted By admin Saturday, March 26, 2011


Whether you have always failed to register in Adsense? then, what is your problem so it is always rejected by Adsense as a publisher? Maybe I can provide the solution. My experience several times rejected by Google Adsense when registering as a publisher, well finally after a number of ways eventually be accepted as well. For those who do not know what Adsense, let me explain briefly:

Google Adsense is one way / solution to find money / money on the internet, so, we paid for our website display ads in the form of pieces of script that is embedded in our site.

About the way / mechanism that ad worked, for while you do not need to know, which is important I provide solutions / tips so you can quickly accepted / flash in just 1-3 days, even perhaps in a matter of less than 24 hours (it is based on experience ... I lhoo ..)

Maybe a bit tricky what I wrote in this article, but it's ok is .. as long as we can find a foreign exchange for our country.

The steps that you should consider are:

[A] Have you ever been refused after the previous register to Google Adsense?

If so, what is the problem / reason for them when your site on the decline?

Does your site speak Indonesian?

If yes, no problem, you can sign up again ....

If not, then if your site contains pornographic content?

If yes, then whether your site is on blogspot / blogger?

If your site was rejected because it contained pornographic content in blogspot / blogger, FORGET TO SIGN BACK WITH THE SAME ADDRESS. Use a different address to sign up again.

[B] Let's just say you never know what it is Adsense, and never signed up before. I'll give you the quick tips. The steps that need to be taken so easily approve Google Adsense as a publisher are:

1. Create an account on Blogger, how, visit:



3. Fill your data2 form of an email address, Password, Display Name, Word Verification, and check the Acceptance of Terms as your agreement to follow their rules.

4. Give the title of your blog, and give the name of the URL address of your blogspot.

5. Choose a template cucok with your taste.

6. After the "START POST" new article?
List of drawings bearing the Google Adsense (click the picture),

then select BUTTON: CLICK HERE TO APPLY as shown below:

and complete your details in the form fields that will disodorin them. Be careful in filling, we usually get stuck when filling LANGUAGE WEBSITE us, we'd better choose BAHASA, because if you fill your website in Indonesian language, you will reject them.

11. Do not forget to also fill in your phone number starting with prefix 62, for example, your telephone number 02167424433, then fill it with the phone number 622 167 424 433

12. You will be sent email notification that you are the legitimate owner EMAIL you registered, then you were told mengclick mereka.Setelah submitted URLs that ....

13. Check all if it appears:

AdSense Applicants must agree to adhere to the AdSense program policies (details)

I agree That I will from not click on the Google ads I'm serving through AdSense.

I will from not place ads on sites That include incentives to click on ads.

I agree That I cans receive checks made out to the payee name I have listed above.

I will from not place ads on sites That include pornographic content.

That I certify I have read the AdSense Program Policies.

14. Check the first option if it appears:

Would you like to have a single account for all Google services?

You can use your existing Google account email address and password for AdSense as well. Or you cans choose new ones just for AdSense.

1. I'd like to use my existing Google account for AdSense.

2. I'd like to choose a new login name and password just for AdSense.

After that will appear LOGIN BOX stuffing, then Login with username and password same as username / password that you list in WWW2.BLOGGER.COM it.

13. Wait for an email from them a few days later, which contains "CONGLATURATIONS!"

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