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6 References Choosing a Blog Template

Posted By admin Saturday, March 26, 2011

Selection of templates we do have to adjust the content of our blog. However, it is not necessarily one hundred percent to our reference in choosing a template. On the other hand we also have to consider the speed of blog, how many images that inhabit the blog, excessive use of javascript. Most javascript, jquery and images can slow down loading our blog. But not infrequently the bloggers who put forward the view rather than speed.
Too focused on the display will cause the blog looks full and very heavy, and even tends to look messy to look super-heavy blog click here.
But there is also a forward speed like this blog. With less than the GPRS connection even if his blog can be open with light.
Well here I will give some tips for you who want to change your blog template.

1. Try the template that you will use have a size less than 50KB (xml).Why is that? Well since most widgets that exist on the template that you download only two, namely the archive and category / labels. Even if there are three possible plus followers. I think if you only use 3 widget is not up to 50KB size of the script. To make sure that whatever had been inserted by the template designer.

2. Having the template that manipulate the display with CSS is better than the image. Let's say to create Rounded corners mostly a designer uses to manipulate the image view. rounded corners in addition to the use of images is also often encountered in the header, navigation, shadow effect on the widget, background on the sidebar title.

3. Do not pay attention to the template in terms of its beauty alone, but as I mentioned above also note the speed of loading.

4. Choose a template that has a sidebar on the right. The reason, Try to open your content to load first. And even if you've fallen in love with a template that has a sidebar on the left, get used to not put heavy elements on the left sidebar if you are able to slow down the loading page (banner, image, etc.).

5. Convert existing CSS code used on the template you chose. Want to know alasaannya? Sometimes to reduce the headache. common template designer mark their CSS code, use a lot of space to mark each code, provide information or a character that if something can be a sign.

6. Javascript is believed to cause slow a blog. But we do not have anti-Javascript. If it is important not how again? Continue using javascript as well and remember to use the elements if needed.

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