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Dance Plate

Posted By admin Friday, March 25, 2011

Dance Plates including one of the traditional dances of the Minangkabau people who lived hundreds of years. Dances are from Solok, West Sumatra. This dance is played by using the plate as the main media. The players dance plate dishes deftly played without apart from the clutch while swaying to the gentle flowing movement and regular.
In addition, the dancers often perform dances on broken glass. They were dancing, jumping, and rolling around while carrying a plate on top of broken glass. Uniquely, the dancers were not hurt at all and the dishes that they bring not fall.

Tari Piring termasuk salah satu tarian tradisional masyarakat Minangkabau yang berumur ratusan tahun. Tarian tersebut berasal dari Solok,Sumatra Barat.

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