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How To Create Your New Blog Post From Facebook

Posted By admin Sunday, March 27, 2011

Write a blog from facebook? Very interesting is not it? right, now you can write a blog post at the time was busy opening your facebook account.
Now this becomes possible when Indonesia as one of the country that was ranked third of the world in terms of number of active users, it can be ascertained at least one blogger has a Facebook account. While the status updates and make comments would not hurt us write articles for our blog.
Third parties that make it easy for TypePad users up to write and publish blog posts directly from Facebook, which then the application is named Blog It TypePad. And below is supported by the Application Platform Blog It TypePad:
Live Journal
Movable Type

Blogger Integration with Facebook

Step 1
Be sure to log in to Facebook and to your Blog
Step 2
Click the link TypePad Blog It
Step 3
Page request following the "BLOG IT by TypePad" will open then click the "Allow" or "Allow"
Step 4
The page "Add Account" opens, select your blog platform and then click the "Add Account"
Step 5
Authorization page will open then click the "Authorize Blogger Account"
Step 6
We will be taken to the Google Accounts page to request authorization, if you log in to Google Accounts and click "Grant access" or the "Grant Access"
Step 7
After that we will be brought back to the "Edit Blogger account", then choose one of our blog (this blog if you have more than one blog on one account) and click on "Save Changes"
Step 8
You successfully integrate your blog with up Blog It TypePad

Create and Publish Articles Blog from Facebook

After we managed to combine the Bloggers with up let us create and publish articles on our blog via Facebook.
Step 1
Click the Tab "Post to blog"
Step 2
Select a blog that we are headed, fill the box "Title" with the title of the article and fill in the "Entry" with the contents of our article
Step 3
Click the "Post" to publish it on our Blog
Step 4
Wait until the status of a "checklist" out on the blog that we are headed and then check our blog. New articles have been written and published ...


* Keep It on the Bookmarks page TypePad blog to be easy to access them

Good luck

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