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Posted By admin Saturday, March 26, 2011

interesting is very nice to make your blog look very beautiful and elegant good anymore. This trick is sure to make your blog look more beautiful than before if you use the icons on the link and Newer Post Older Post or Post Newest and Oldest Post.
Usually these links using the arrow, will now be replaced with a picture that definitely cool. For problems iconnya please mate search in google aja hehe ..

Here it is the trick:

1. Sign In to your blog.

2. Go to the tab Layout ► Edit HTML

3. Backup your template by clicking Download Full Template.

4. Check the box labeled Expand Widget Templates.

5. Then find the red code below (there are 3) and replace it with a color code black:

1. <data:newerPageTitle/>

Replace with:
<img src='http://roele112.googlepages.com/newer.png'/>

2. <data:olderPageTitle/>

Replace with:
<img src='http://roele112.googlepages.com/older.png'/>

3. <data:homeMsg/>

Replace with:
<img src='http://roele112.googlepages.com/home.png'/>

6. Click Preview, if OK Direct Save Template and see the final result ...

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