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Puncak Lawang

Posted By admin Friday, March 25, 2011

Before reaching Lake Maninjau we will stop briefly in the Morning Dew in the village of Padang, 24 km from Bukittinggi Arena to enjoy the cool air and comfortable looking at the beauty of Lake Maninjau with the blue water and surrounded by verdant hills

Puncak Lawang, Matur known as a producer of sugar cane which still manufacture traditional. Milling tebunya still wear of buffalo. The location is just above Lake Maninjau presents an exotic landscape. In addition to its natural treats this dipuncak many tourism activities can be done, including:
- Paragliding, Gantole / Paramotor in Lawang and Bayur
- Folk Performing Arts in Lawang and Bayur
- Free child in Lawang and Bayur Nagari
- Kite Competition in Lawang and Bayur
- Tourism Ton at Matur
- Dragon Boat Race and Big Dipper Race in Muko-Muko .

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