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Trip to Mount Merapi, West Sumatra

Posted By admin Thursday, March 17, 2011

The morning air was pierced in Nagari Jaho bone. Villages located on this plateau has air cool with beautiful scenery. Not far from Nagari Jaho, there are three famous mountains in western Sumatra. The mountain is Mount Singgalang them,Mount Merapi, and the mountain tandikek. Among these are a favorite mountain climbers is Mount Merapi.

Every weekend is always crowded in the visit by mountain climbers. They came from out of town just to enjoy the beauty view of the mountain trim.

You are interested to see up close and climb the mountain trim? please come straight here. The distance from the city of Padang about a half an hour using a travel agency to the long desert town. Yupss, this mountain is located on the long desert town. The city is very clean and smoke free. Wait let alone come on day trips to the town of Padang Panjang. Not only that in the long desert town there is also a water park mifan. You can enjoy the weekend with family and people you love

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