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Two flow Blogger In Search Visitor and enliven Visitors

Posted By admin Saturday, March 26, 2011

Visitors or the more familiar is called by the visitor is the most sought after by the bloggers. The blogger tried various ways to jazz up her blog so as not to look like a cemetery. Starting from a dirty way to clean manner. All of that for the sake of getting visitors to their blogs. Well, here are two flow Blogger In Search Visitor and enliven its visitors.

Technical Manual
This technique is a technique that is very tiring. As the name suggests, this technique is done by manual way. The results provided were not optimal. Because temporary. Examples of these techniques such as: Blogwalking, leaving a trail, promoting a variety of ways, the promotion of social networking like facebook and twitter, submit to social bookmarking, and so forth.

This is very tiring. Since we must have a lot of time in front of the computer and visit other blogs one by one. In addition to time-consuming, what with our internet speed is slow? This certainly is a very tiring not? In addition, if we stop this activity so our visitors would be reduced. In addition, we must continue to be updated blog for visitors keep visiting our blog.

SEO Techniques
This technique is a technique performed by a blogger who really want to get serious in the world of blogging and regular visitors through google search. The principle is: "working hard at the beginning and then get a satisfactory result." Most bloggers like this are working hard in the early establishment of a blog, but after that satisfactory results would they get.

This technique is proven to generate visitor / visitors is permanent for them (for not using dirty techniques). Visitors in getting there would not be reduced even though the blog is not updated. So the earnings / income we will not be reduced. In embarking on this technique, the bloggers have to be really serious in learning and practicing it directly to their blogs. If you have understood and managed to learn this technique, the success in the world of the blogosphere is definitely there in your grasp. both in terms of spiritual and financial.

For me personally, I used to use the first way (approximately 4 months). then I started hearing this second technique. At first I still was not interested, because I already felt comfortable with the first technique. But I think to try new things. And I began to free fall into the second technique. And now, I feel the benefits are extraordinary. 67% of blog visitors come from search engines (see the overview of this blog visitors in the picture above). Although I am still a beginner can be spelled out. Now I prefer the latter technique. One valuable lesson I learned: "there is no reason to continue to learn, try and try to get better results. So, try to try something new.

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