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5 Benefits Have a Google Pagerank Higher

Posted By admin Saturday, October 22, 2011

Benefits have a high pagerank. Here it is the benefits:
It is easier to register your blog to google adsense, and at the use of google adsense on a feed, then the feed that you monetize your ad will appear from google, if you want to see I could google adsense feeds feeds. when PR is low and sometimes millions of Alexa rank still only a few ads that appear. Or when registering on selling links is acceptable and can sell links. Likewise, if you register at the local ppc adsense, then your income could be higher if you take the individual zones.
With the increase pagerank of your pages then the weight will be higher by google (high page rank blog page takes precedence in the order of the list of google search, if pr 2 is more likely inputs to the top 10 google searches compared with the pr 1, provided trafficknya / visitors alike )
With higher pagerank then your blog pages can be quickly indexed by google. so the more likely you are to get top positions in search engines. if it has been at the first page of google search results you are likely to get visitors to the blog.
Could post pages google indexed more quickly, based on my experience only takes less than five minutes for her blog pagerank 2 for indexed in google search engine. Unmitigated even if the post you are unique (if the related keywords in try searching on google) blog will instantly appear on the front page!
There are several online businesses that require a specific homework to be a member, Although this blog has not been included in the online business that requires pagerank but this blog just got smadav pro activation key free for bloggers because it dianggaap pass pagerank.

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