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Ability Orgasm Ways Women Can be viewed from Walking

Posted By admin Thursday, October 27, 2011

Not all women can reach orgasm easily during sex, there's that take a very long time or even never experienced it. According to experts, the ability to orgasm a woman can be seen from the way it goes.

Female sexuality expert from Northwestern University, Dr. Laura Berman said women often reach orgasm during sex has a different gait. For those who are still virgins, his ability in bed when a husband can also be predicted from this difference.

"According to the study, women who walked with a lively, energetic, sensual and independent tend to have more history of vaginal orgasm," said Dr. Berman in one of his writings as quoted from Suntimes, Tuesday (10/25/2011).

How to walk like that, according to Dr. Berman suggests that the pelvic muscles around the vagina is not in a weak condition and locked. The condition is very possible occurrence of vaginal orgasm, the orgasm caused by stimulation of copulation in the burrow.

Psychologically, women who walked with energy typically also have a confidence higher than women who are not excited limping. Self-confidence make women more willing to explore her sexual needs, making it easier to reach orgasm.

But Dr. Berman acknowledged the relationship between orgasm in a way similar walk is like eggs and chicken, which is more difficult to ascertain where there used to be. How to walk like that could only increase the chances of orgasm, but can also experience orgasms which affects the way it goes.

Regardless of whether or not this theory, Dr. Berman says that basically every woman is more advisable to walk with full energy and do not hesitate to shake your hips. Walking vigorously will make your posture and bone more robust and less prone to injury.

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