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Aerobic Regular Can Relieve Symptoms of Depression

Posted By admin Thursday, October 27, 2011

Diligent exercise has many health benefits, one against and relieve symptoms of depression. This was revealed by a study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

A group of depressed people who do high intensity aerobic exercise three times a week over 12 weeks, experienced a significant decline in depressive symptoms, ie by 47%. While the group of low-intensity aerobic activity in the same period of symptoms of depression decreased by 30%.

"Exercise is not only the energy process, but also turn on the brain," says Harvard psychiatrist, John Ratey. With regular exercise, then the people will be more stable emotional and cognitive abilities will work fine.

For those who enjoy lifting weights instead of aerobic exercise on this one also has other benefits besides muscle formation. Many women who feel worried if her body weight, then the body will be built. This is of course impossible.

Muscle formation in women requires more effort considering the genetics and hormones are different from men. Precisely Smoke woman who would receive more benefit from lifting weights.

A study was conducted on a group who want to quit smoking but diligent lift weights for two hours per week, and another group who only saw the video training but did not do anything. 12 weeks later, 16% of those who are diligent weight training successfully quit smoking, they also successfully lose weight. The rest of reducing the intake of smoking than those who do not exercise at all.

From lifting weights, it appears that their muscles getting stronger, faster burn calories and body weight decreased towards more ideal. The key, do more weight but do not be enforced, as quoted from research 'Resistance training standars as an aid to smoking Cessation Treatment: A pilot study.'

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