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Bald Head Grow Hair in 30 Seconds

Posted By admin Saturday, October 29, 2011

Baldness is a nightmare for everyone, both men and women. No wonder there are all kinds care to cope with baldness. Only, it took quite a long time to grow hair naturally.

While the instant way to use a wig, causing discomfort. Long-term use of wigs can lead to hair loss and even damage the scalp. Then, is there any product that is able to cover the baldness in an instant, with a sense of comfort, and look natural?

If you visit the neighboring country of Malaysia, or CosmoBeaute at the Jakarta Convention Center this weekend, you'll be amazed by the innovation of hair transplant that is able to make a thick natural hair in an instant and painless.

This technology was developed by BioThik Clinicare through baldness treatment product launch. Not only care products that can be used daily, but there are also products that can melebatkan hair transplant hair with just 30 seconds. It's unique!

Biothik Products Hair Transplant Hair Building consists of Fiber and Fiber Locking Mist. Hair Building Fiber, made of keratin protein fiber powder from 0.3 to 0.5 mm long. Simply sow these powders in the bald area, immediately overgrown head of hair that looks natural thick. While Fiber Locking Mist is sprayed on the hair fiber to maintain.

The fibers are able to stick to the strands of hair and looks like natural human hair. In fact, Hair Building Fiber consists of 11 natural hair color from black to white platinum.

Manufacturers claim that the application of the product is safe and will not bring up allergies or sores on the scalp. However, hair transplantation is not durable because it will disappear when the hair is washed. However, this is still better than using a wig all day.

Unfortunately, there are no distributors who market these products in Indonesia. In Malaysia alone, consumers have to spend up to approximately 500 thousand to get both products.

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