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Dose of Ideal Protein is Not Make You Fat

Posted By admin Thursday, October 27, 2011

We often heard that healthy living is supported by four of five perfectly healthy eating. Over time, it grew a human lifestyle, including diet.

It is said that too many carbohydrates can turn into fat if not burned with exercise. Too much protein is also harmful to the health of the kidneys. This is even more puzzling and raises the question, exactly what percentage of the balance to eat all that?

A recent research supports the theory that increasing protein intake can prevent weight gain. Research from Australia shows that a good number when a person eats protein balanced with carbohydrates, namely 15.

15 is the ideal percentage of protein intake to combat weight gain. The study published by PLoS One, the Public Library of Science, 12 October. In addition to preventing weight gain, 15% protein intake can also fight hunger and keeping body fat levels in balance, as reported by Nydailynews.

To support the truth, researchers tested 22 participants are divided into three types of diets. Is divided into three dietary protein percentage, 10, 12 and 15. This diet is consumed consistently for four days. The result, a lower protein intake lead participants to snack more.

Researchers also raise levels of protein intake to 25%, and the results are just the same as much as 15% protein diet. The results provide for the researchers assumed that humans have a strong desire to consume protein. When intake is less, the body force us to eat more calories to replace him, "said Alison Gosby, head of research.

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