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Efficacy Papaya Leaf

Posted By admin Thursday, October 27, 2011

Papaya leaves are bitter, but bitterness behind it turns out there is a corpulent benefits. Benefits of papaya leaf is:
1. As an Acne Drug

For friends of bloggers who do not feel confident to have facial breakouts, especially for women who always pay attention to beauty. Well, here's the answer to papaya leaf can cure acne, how to on if a mask.

How to make a mask: take 2-3 sheets of old papaya leaves, drying and mash until smooth. Add 1 ½ tablespoons of water, then apply to the entire surface of the face with acne.

2. Streamlining Digestion

The leaves of the papaya plant, it had a chemical compound karpain. These substances can kill the microorganisms that often interfere with digestion.

3. Adding Your Appetite

Realized, if the papaya leaves can help to increase appetite. And, this is beneficial for children who are fussy eaters. Take a fresh papaya leaves the size of your palm, add the pinch of salt and ½ cup warm water. Then, in a blender and strain the water, Well, the water was all she could dimanfatkan to increase appetite.

4. Scarlet fever

Leaves of papaya are also useful to cure dengue fever. Take 5 bay leaves, add ½ liters of water, then boiled. Take water if already lived 3 / 4 to his drink. I had never membuktikkannya, so if your situation who have contracted dengue fever still has not improved, monggo immediately to the doctor well,, just think of it as first aid, hehe

5. Menstrual Pain

Ancient Javanese women often use papaya leaves to ngobatin menstrual pain. Then, mix a glass of water and boiled deh. Before drinking, let cool before the potion.

6. Anti-Cancer

For the latter, is still uncertain. But from the few studies that papaya leaves can also be developed as an anti-cancer. Actually it does not leaves, but stems papaya, can also be used. Because both have a milky latex (a milky white sap).

Well, that's the benefits of papaya leaves that must be blogger friends know. Hopefully this can be useful for blogger friends who have a complaint as above.

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