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Elephanthopus scaber L.

Posted By admin Thursday, October 27, 2011

Elephanthopus scaber L. generally grow wild. Yet it is precisely in traditional medicine, this plant is used for various medicinal uses. Based on empirical knowledge, traditional societies believe that the leaf liman footprint can cure ailments such as headache or fever. Tread Liman is now known that it contains a chemical that has a pharmacological effect. But until now there has been much research more details about this plant, especially for the development of herbal medicine.

- elephantopin
- deoxyelephantopin
- Triacontan-1-ol
- Dotriacontan-1-ol
- lupeol
- epriellinol
- lipenol
- stigmasterol
- triacontan
- Lupeol acetate

Tread Liman traditionally believed to cure diseases, among others:
- Speed ​​up labor
- Peluruh sputum
- Peluruh urine
- whitish
- Menstrual pain
- Inflammation of the kidneys
- Lack of blood
- Inflammation of the uterus
- partuis

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