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France bans Tomato Sauce in School Cafeteria

Posted By admin Saturday, October 29, 2011

France known as a food paradise famous throughout the world. By reason of protecting the traditional cuisine, the French government issued a unique rule. Its contents, prohibit the use of tomato sauce on the food in school canteens.

"Canteen has a mission of health and also educational," said Chairman of the Association of French restaurants, Christophe Hebert, quoted by the Daily Mail.

According to him, in addition to combat obesity in children, ban the use of tomato sauce was also conducted as a mission of cultural preservation. "We must ensure that children are familiar with French cuisine recipes so they can pass on to the next generation," he said.

The existence of this policy, he added, making the children will know that French cuisine means hospitality, sharing, and have fun at the dinner table.

Berdasarlan this policy, chef schools must provide four or five meals per day, including main dishes that contain dairy products like cheese. They also must provide the dessert.

Tomato sauce and mayonnaise are only allowed to be consumed with potato chips, and only once a week. Of course, the tomato sauce will not be served with traditional dishes such as roast beef.

Previously, the British government also suggested reducing the use of tomato sauce in schools in 2008. The reason, tomato sauce containing sugar and salt is very high so it can lead to obesity.

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