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Goodbye Unruly Hair!

Posted By admin Saturday, October 29, 2011

You may have styling your hair at home in such a way to make it look neat all day. However, the unfriendly weather conditions, such as high winds and rain often makes a mess and even hairstyles makes it so tangled and unruly.

Surely it is very annoying. Especially if your activity is quite solid and should perform optimally. To avoid this, try these three easy steps that was launched from the Real Beauty. This makes it fairly easy to ward off frizz.

1. conditioner
Matted hair most often experienced by the owners of dry hair. Overcome by always using a conditioner after shampooing. But do not rinse your hair until completely clean of hair conditioner. That way there is still a conditioner is left behind, and so more easily styled hair and tangle-free.

2. styling cream
Before you do blow-dry, apply a styling cream from the middle to the end of the hair. Do not apply on the hair near the roots, because it will make your scalp oily.

3. Dry your hair naturally
When the weather is overcast or damp, 80 percent dry hair with a hair dryer. The rest, let it dry naturally. Do not forget to do a deep conditioning once a week to prevent dry hair.

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