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How to Prevent belching and flatulence

Posted By admin Thursday, October 27, 2011

Belching and flatulence is a natural condition in which there is accumulation of gas results from swallowed air when chewing food or drink. This could also be caused by the fermentation of carbohydrates or other form of undigested food that passes through the colon.

This condition can be prevented but not entirely make dietary changes can help relieve gas in the stomach, as quoted from Livestrong, Wednesday (10/26/2011), namely:

1. drinking water
White Water is a beverage that is considered the most secure to reduce the problem of gas in the stomach and prevent dehydration. But avoid carbonated beverages because the incoming fluid will pass through the digestive tract while the gas accumulates in the stomach and intestines.

Drink milk also has the same effect, because if not digested properly it will go into the digestive system and reacts with stomach acid, causing the gas.

2. Insoluble fiber
The National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse says insoluble fiber effectively reduces gas. This is because it does not dissolve in water so that the solids move through the stomach and intestines without creating gas. Fiber is found in wheat, grains and vegetables.

3. Lean meats and proteins
Fatty foods include fried foods and meat is a producer of gas in the stomach. This is because fat is not soluble and will move into the small intestine and accumulate. This buildup began to undergo fermentation to produce gas. To reduce gas consumption should lean meat or meat from chicken breasts.

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