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How to Preventing Unruly Hair

Posted By admin Saturday, October 29, 2011

Clothing and makeup you wear is visible maximum. However, it is difficult styled hair, wrinkle and look messy. Do not let this interfere with performance.

Unruly occurs when the hair pores open and suck the air humidity. Hair was so fluffy and somewhat difficult to set. Before going on, you should do the following four steps, which was launched from allure.com.

Deep conditioning
Always use hair conditioner every time you shampoo. Make sure you mute for at least five minutes. This is so perfect conditioner absorbs into the hair. Not only ward off tangles but also prevents dry hair and split ends.

Carefully dry your hair with a towel
Drying your hair with a towel is usually done. But, make sure you do not wipe it roughly. That is because, roughly rubbing a towel on the hair cuticle to open, and make it look matted. To dry, simply glue on the hair a wet towel and press gently to absorb water.

Protect hair
Hot weather can also make a loss of moisture and easily tangled. To that end, if you will spend time outdoors, use a protective cream or hair vitamin.

Avoid products that contain alcohol arrangement
A lot of hair spray and mousse products contain high alcohol. Alcohol can make the hair cuticle so fluffy and dry hair trigger. For that, select the product arrangement that does not contain alcohol.

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