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Know Bad Hair Syndrome

Posted By admin Saturday, October 29, 2011

Beautiful hair and always smell all day is the dream of all people. For women, hair is a crown that should always be clean and fragrant.

But sometimes, some women feel worried because her hair was pleasant aroma release. Despite diligent shampooing every day, it still smells musty attached to the hair.

If you feel this, you may suffer from disorder called Bad Hair Syndrome (SHS). This condition can make sufferers feel ashamed and depressed to always make the hair fragrant and fresh.

As quoted from the pages of the Daily Mail, the symptoms experienced by people with very clear. Some feel his hair smells like a 'sponge-old' and 'wet dog'. Hair often smell 'mushrooms'.

But almost all patients reported an odor in your hair smells like a sour smell of sweat. Therefore, they will continue to try to wash and clean the hair while feeling pleasant aroma remains.

Some people do not feel confident with this condition, very embarrassed even can affect their social life romance.

What exactly is the cause? And what can a patient SHS?

A trichologist or hair and scalp expert says there's syndrome caused by sebaceous glands attached to hair follicles, producing excess oil.

Glenn Lyons, clinical director at the Philip Kingsley Clinic Trichological said, "The hair is oily, are more susceptible to odors from environmental pollutants, such as smoke odors, cooking smells strong odors and other odors," he said.

Glenn pointed out, the owner of coarse hair more susceptible to this syndrome. Therefore, coarse hair will absorb more oil.

"People with fine hair can also experience the same thing if you tend to use lots of hair products, such as serum or mousse. It's like oil, will attract odors and lock them into the hair," he said.

Changes in hormone levels can cause odor problems despite not having a history of hair oily hair in the past. When stressed, the hormone androgen cause excess oil production causes hair smell.

In rare circumstances, androgen-secreting tumors in the pituitary gland, adrenal gland or ovaries can cause hormonal imbalance. In addition to excessive hair or acne also potentially cause hair smell.

Glenn Lyons suggests, the best cure for SHS is to wash your hair regularly. If necessary two times a day with a gentle shampoo to cleanse without stripping the hair.

Avoid using a conditioner on the hair near the roots, as this will aggravate the condition of oily skin and thus may cause odor.

Iain Sallis, owner trichology clinics in the UK gives another solution. He declared excess sebum hair due to a diet rich in spicy foods, like curry spicy, or oily fish odor causing the scent to the hair.

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