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Most Expensive Blow Dry in The World

Posted By admin Saturday, October 29, 2011

To create a more beautiful and fluffy hair, blow dry is always a mainstay. With affordable prices and a time of rapid appearance of the hair may be more leverage.

Grooming is actually not quite expensive. However, in the salon Urban Retreat, Harrods, prestigious shopping centers in the UK, to do blow-dry you should spend of £ 320 or Rp 4, 4 million.

As reported by the Daily Mail, with the price of it, blow dry is touted as the costliest in the world. So what makes the price can be very expensive? Created by Truffle by Fuente, a brand styling products, blow dry it using a special shampoo and conditioner products.

These products were made ​​of white leather white truffle fungus is rare, diamond powder and extracts of meteorites. This product is claimed to react 'intelligently' to deal with problems and needs of each individual hair. Restore healthy hair blow dry as well so this purpose, any severe level of damage.

Package includes blow dry products Truffle Truffle Shampoo and Conditioner that can be taken home. When the blow, customers also get a massage with hot stones or hot stone massage cranial.

Another interesting fact is, the diamond powder contained in the shampoo and conditioner derived from the diamond-producing houses in the Netherlands that have been aged 250 years. The powder is made with special technology using magnetic fields. This means that diamond powders containing a positive charge and membat hair more shiny and healthy.

Then, extracts of meteorites is the result of the development used a Japanese scientist, Takeshi Kakegawa. This extract has two functions in the hair. First, because the extract is similar to the mineral in human hair, so that it can strengthen and nourish hair. Second, it allows the system extracts 'intelligent response' deal with each individual hair.

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