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Myths About Hair Oil

Posted By admin Saturday, October 29, 2011

Beautiful and healthy hair is not determined from the product expensive treatment. The habit of treating your hair properly and key teraturlah have beautiful hair.

To treat hair properly, in addition to routinely perform hair care salon, there are several ways you can do at home. One of them uses hair oil made from a number of spices. But, really hair oil which is often believed to nourish the hair is effectively cope with hair loss and make hair shiny?

Choosing a hair oil should not be indiscriminate. Determining the appropriate choice of hair needs will be better. "If your hair is oily, you should not be too frequent use of hair oil. Therefore, it could membuar your hair more oily," says hair expert Jawed Habib as quoted from page Idiva.

Using hair oils, massaging heads can indeed work wonders for fertility hair. As long as it is done properly, massage hair with beneficial oils calm the nerves. The massage helps relax basically. This stimulates circulation in the scalp and that is what helps you feel more relaxed.

Applying hair oil on the head has its own way. Simply massage the oil into the scalp gently. Do not be too hard because it can damage the hair. Hair health experts advise not to wash your hair immediately after application of hair oil on the scalp. Let sit overnight, and wash with warm water next morning is the best way.

In addition to having benefits, there are also myths behind the use of hair oil that often make people wrong. In order to make use of hair oil well, know the myths surrounding these natural hair products:

- Not always able to maintain the luster of hair oil hair, and make it grow thicker, longer and darker. In fact, according to Habib, something that is applied externally to your hair can be prohibitive absorption of nutrients that are good for hair, can even inhibit growth.

- Hair Oil does not necessarily make you more shiny crown. In fact, only the oil on your hair shine and your hair instead.

- Hair Oil is not always able to cope with loss. Actually, the oil can not stop hair loss or accelerate hair growth. The use of hair oil can actually attract dust and dirt, so it can make your hair into a dirt pile, which eventually can damage the hair.

Therefore, do not carelessly use hair oil.

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