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The Myths That Make Dry Skin

Posted By admin Friday, October 28, 2011

Skin dryness is a frightening specter for some people. A lot of myths circulating about this kind of skin care. For more details, Reader's Digest was launched a few myths. Among them:

1. The more thick cream, the more moisturizing

The opposite is true. Cream is too thick will only make the trapped dead skin cells that accumulate and lead to dull skin. This is what causes the producers prefer moisturizing gel as a medium rather than cream.

2. When the sky was overcast, no need to wear sunscreen

In fact, the cloud will not be able to block the UV rays are exposed on the skin. Thus, in overcast conditions even though the rain, someone still must wear sunscreen.

3. Exfoliation (scrub / peeling) can cause dry skin and flaking

This is true only if someone makes a peel in the near future and too often. Doing scrub / peeling one to two times a week will provide a clean skin. Thus, the use of moisturizer will nourish the skin better because more easily absorbed.

4. Oily skin does not need a moisturizer

Only partially true from this myth. Among others: who have oily skin do not need a moisturizer that contains oils. Oily skin owner can use oil-free moisturizer. Meanwhile, the women with combination skin can use the lotion on the T-zone and wear a heavier moisturizer on dry areas.

5. Bathing can make the skin more moist

This is clearly wrong. Baths can reduce the skin's natural moisture. Bathing and swimming in a long time is not recommended, especially using the water tends to heat.

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