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Complications of diabetes is not the only risk to be borne when a person's blood sugar is controlled. When someone is diagnosed with diabetes, then that person is also more susceptible to infections Tuberculosis (TB).

Increased risk of Tuberculosis infection in persons with diabetes is quite significant, reaching 300 percent compared to the risk in healthy people. This fact mencadi threat in itself, given the number of persons with diabetes from time to time tends to increase rapidly.

"Growth is very rapid cases of diabetes is a challenge in combating Tuberculosis," said Dr. Anthony Harries, health experts from the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, as quoted from Health24, Thursday (27/10/2011).

At first glance these two diseases are not interrelated, because Tuberculosis is an infectious disease, while diabetes is a metabolic disorder that can not be transmitted. Dr Harries acknowledges not yet know the mechanism is for sure, but there is some speculation that could explain it.

One of them mentioned that diabetes is directly or indirectly can make the immune system or immune menlemah. As a result, easy to attack a variety of infections including TB bacteria that is spread by droplets or sputum spotting.

Besides increasing the risk of contracting Tuberculosis, diabetes menkjadi also its own problems in an effort to early detection of Tuberculosis infection. In persons with diabetes, TB infection is often misdiagnosed as pneumonia mistaken so as not handled properly.

Generally, TB infection in the lungs occur starting from the top. While in persons with diabetes, TB infection is more common in the bottom of the lungs making it difficult to be detected and sometimes just plain given the drug because of mistaken for pneumonia.

The relationship between Tuberculosis with diabetes was revealed Dr Harries in the 42nd Union World Conference on Lung Health that is currently taking place in Lille, France.

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