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Premature ejaculation on women

Posted By admin Thursday, October 27, 2011

Not only men who could reach the peak of sexual pleasure too early, because women may also suffer from premature ejaculation or orgasm is known as premature.

A new study finds some women may experience more rapid orgasm during sexual intercourse (premature orgasm). This condition is one of a chronic problem.

"For women, premature orgasm is more than just annoying. We think this is a serious condition such as premature ejaculation in men," said researcher Sarafim Carvalho from Hospital Magalhaes Lemos, Porto, Portugal, as quoted by LiveScience, Thursday ( 10/27/2011).

Sexual dysfunction in women have not received serious attention as it does in men. This is because of sexual dysfunction in men has been officially registered, but not for early orgasm in women.

Carvalho and colleagues conducted a survey of 510 18-45 year-old Portuguese woman who contains a questionnaire about the frequency of premature orgasm, do women ever lose control during orgasm, are feeling depressed about this matter and if satisfied with the relationship.

Known to about 40 percent of women experience orgasm sometimes earlier than he wanted, and 14 percent of women reported more frequent orgasms are possible early clinical needs attention. The results of this study have been reported in the journal Sexologies.

Extreme cases encountered a group of women who reported experiencing a lack of control during orgasm that occurs very early during intercourse, causing personal discomfort as well as on the couple.

Reports received by the researchers were female premature orgasm describes discomfort similar to what is felt by men when experiencing a premature ejaculation.

Premature orgasm in women generally do not provide the opportunity to partner to achieve sexual satisfaction, because usually if someone is having an orgasm then it becomes uncomfortable to continue sex resulting from the change of mood.

Researchers suggest for women to not embarrassed to talk about his condition with doctors, though not a serious problem but can have an impact on the quality as well as his sex life.

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