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Recognize Stroke Symptoms and Treatment

Posted By admin Saturday, October 29, 2011

What exactly is a stroke? Stroke is a disease caused by disruption of blood flow to the brain due to blockage or rupture of blood vessels so that the brain is deprived of oxygen and nutrients.

To recognize a stroke can be done by way of ACTION, which recognize facial asymmetry, leg or arm paralysis, difficulty speaking or speech pelo, and initiatives taken to the hospital.

Handling of pre-hospital stroke the first is a quick introduction and a reaction to the signs of stroke. Help pre-hospital delays should be avoided for patients and significant others.

If you suspect a stroke patient should immediately call an emergency ambulance which has a facility equipped and trained staff. Also, take advantage of a comprehensive stroke service network consisting of the Emergency Unit (ICU) and Stroke Unit / ICU.

Anyone who threatened a stroke? First, it should be a history of previous stroke or a history of stroke in the family. Second, people aged over 45 years for men and more than 55 years for women. Third, a person who has high blood pressure. Fourth, people who have high cholesterol. Fifth, the owner of diabetes.

Sixth, are the people who have heart disease. Next is the active and passive smokers, and then consuming alcohol, overweight, physical inactivity and people and lack of exercise.

What to do?

The first is to go through to live a healthy lifestyle, then immediately consult with the knowing blood pressure, heart conditions ie record check heart / ECG, Echocardiography, Treadmill / Stress Test, carotid Doppler, transcranial Dopler / TCD.

Then check your blood to determine levels of cholesterol, blood sugar, and other factors that cause strokes. Ask your doctor to determine the existence or possibility of narrowing or blockage in blood vessels. After that, a routine medical examination and consult your doctor.

Myths and Facts

Myth: stroke can not be prevented. The myth is not true because of the fact that stroke is preventable by identifying and controlling the risk factors they have.

Myth: "I am still too young to have a stroke." In fact a stroke can strike all ages. Just need to remember that increasing age increases the risk of stroke.

Myth "I'll wait until these symptoms go away." The fact is the biggest mistake waiting. Immediately take the patient to the hospital. Because keep in mind that every second is so valuable in saving brain function.

Myth: "I knew I had a stroke if it feels pain." It is also not true because in fact the pain is not a sign of stroke. For that, beware of stroke symptoms that have been mentioned.

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