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Things that Should Know Before Childbirth

Posted By admin Thursday, October 27, 2011

Here is what things are best discussed with your doctor before the birth process, namely:

1. The average number of caesarean section
A cesarean delivery is major surgery that has risks and complications and a longer recovery process. For that to know how the experience of doctors and hospitals are in the process of dealing with a cesarean section.

2. intervention
Some interventions can be given in assisting the delivery process as pitocin drug commonly used for induction. For that ask your doctor what interventions are usually given if the induction, episiotomy or use the help of vacuum and forceps.

3. The delivery process
Know what processes are commonly used in childbirth as a normal or caesarean section. If you want to give birth at home then consider what things are needed and to know the baby's condition is allowed to give birth at home or not.

4. Pain relievers and pain
If you plan to use an epidural, then know what type of drug is offered for this. If you want to give birth naturally important to know what methods are offered to help ease the pain.

5. a birth plan
Pregnant women should consult with doctors and nurses about plans for childbirth is like, for example, want to do early initiation of breastfeeding after the baby is born. This plan is also very helpful if there is something undesirable happens.

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