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Tribulus terrestris

Posted By admin Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tribulus terrestris is a flowering plant, including the family Zygophyllaceae. These plants spread over Southern Europe, South Asia, throughout Africa, and Australia. Characteristic of this plant is a branched stems can reach about 10 cm to more than 1 m, growing in the shade.

- furostanol
- Spirostanol saponin
- neotigogenin
- gitogenin
- neogitogenin
- hecogenin
- neohecogenin
- diosgenin
- chlorogenin
- ruscogenin

Now T. terrestris promoted as a libido enhancing drug. Clinically proven that Tribulus terrestris can increase levels of testosterone in the body. In fact, Tribulus terrestris believed to be more efficacious than viagra. Not only is the treatment of India and China are using this plant as a libido enhancing drug, this drug in the United States also began commercially as a natural Viagra.

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