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Tricks To Eliminate Itchy Scalp

Posted By admin Saturday, October 29, 2011

Itching of the scalp can come anytime, especially when you are outdoors during hot weather conditions. Sweat mixed with dirt stuck to the scalp and lead to itching.

The desire to scratch arises and this could create wounds in the scalp which led to infection. For that, immediately remove the itching of the scalp before it gets worse with the following five ways, as reported by the Times of India.

1. Keep
The main trigger itching of the scalp is dirt and mildew. Because it is always keep your scalp clean. Wash regularly with a cleansing shampoo anti-dandruff shampoo or if you are prone to dandruff.

2. Reduce use of products made ​​from chemicals
Be smart to choose the arrangement of products or hair dyes. That's because most contain chemicals that can easily lead to scalp irritation and itching.

3. Reduce wash with warm water
When the morning and the temperature was cold, it's more comfortable shower using warm water. But, to wash it, you try to keep using cold water. That's because warm water can also cause irritation, especially in a sensitive scalp.

4. Keep the humidity
Dry scalp conditions also can make the itching. To prevent this, use a special oil for hair or hair lotion regularly.

5. protection
When outdoors, especially when the weather is hot, wear a hat or umbrella. Or, to make it look more stylish, wrap it in the head scarf width. This is to protect your scalp from the dirt and mildew.

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