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Tricks to Prevent Snacking Overload

Posted By admin Thursday, October 27, 2011

Meal snacks in his spare time was the most enjoyable and exciting. Especially if taken with their friends in a pleasant atmosphere. However, if too far, snacks will be detrimental to health and make weight go up.

Author of The Snack Factor Diet ', Keri Glassman says that the key lies in the right snack food selection. "Snacks do not need high-calorie snacks, could have fruit or whole grain cereal," he said. Do not get crazy, take time to stop for several hours and allow the body to process them.

This is simple but hard to put into practice in everyday life. Generally, the time to find snacks, must be spent directly on the spot, even if necessary add the portions. There are some tricks to overcome excessive snacking habits:

1. Serve Only Half
The study, published by the American Dietetic Association found that snacks are served half of the normal portion, it is not spent. This is related to the amount of food consumed, not size. In addition, feel free to come taste for snacks restate earlier.

2. Small plates
Another trick to 'brake' desire to snack is to outsmart the size. Never eat snacks straight from the packaging. Serve on small plates so you know how many plates that have been refilled.

3. Longer Chewing
Chewing food longer serves to create a sense of satiety arrive early. Studies of the Journal of Physiology & Behavior reveals that chewing may decrease levels of stress hormones. The mechanism is chewing increases blood flow and a psychic, divert attention from other things because the focus of the food in the mouth.

4. Create Your Own Snacks
There is a feeling of affection for immediate spending snacks, considering all toil is done when making it. Differences with snacks that are bought and eaten immediately. Any edible portions would be more organized because of a desire to menyisakannya to be eaten later.

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