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Wash Hair Without Water

Posted By admin Saturday, October 29, 2011

For women who do not have much time so should your hair quickly before the move, care must try this one. By using a dry shampoo or a shampoo that does not need to be rinsed, you no longer need to linger washing and drying my hair.

This method has been developed several years ago. Because the powder-based, its use is quite a way to spray on the hair and do not need to be rinsed with water due to clean simply by combing the hair.

Many reasons why this type of shampoo began loved. This shampoo is very easy to absorb oil on the hair and perfect hair fluffy. This shampoo is also very useful for damaged hair because it does not need to get the setup process every day that can make it more defective. Wash your hair using ordinary shampoo 3-4 times a week and alternated the use of dry shampoo will reduce damage to the hair.

It is also very good shampoo for colored hair because it helps reduce the loss of dyes that are often caused by too-frequent washing and sunlight. The most important thing is this shampoo is very practical. However, remnants of the hair resulting in hair look dirty.

This shampoo has been developed by the world's leading salons such as Toni & Guy, and Trevor Sorbie. Toni & Guy admitted this type of shampoo sales increased by 47% every year, while Trevor Sorbie stated there was an increase sales by 145% last year.

Dry Shampoo become a trend since last year among teenagers. Funny thing is, teenagers think it's wonderful innovation, while their mothers taking this very strange and seem dirty because they do not wash their hair with water.

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