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Dharmasraya District is one of the new autonomous region in Indonesia. Dharmasraya standing under the Law division of the area commencing on January 7, 2004, and separated from its parent district, namely Sawahlunto-Sijunjung/kabupaten Sijunjung (now).District Line is located at the intersection of Cross-linking Sumatra, Padang, Pekanbaru to Jambi.Located on the southeastern tip of West Sumatra, this district is bordered by Sijunjung district in the north, northwest Solok regency, South Solok district in the west, in the eastern province of Riau and Jambi Province in the south.
(Sejarah Kabupaten dharmasraya Provinsi Sumatera Barat)

Dharmasraya is taken from the name of a kingdom that once ruled after the fall of Srivijaya empire in centuries 13-14. This Kingdom covers an area of Sawahlunto to Muara Bungo, Jambi. Famous for its king, who named Shri Tribhuanaraja Mauliwarmadewa (1270-1297) who married Puti Reno Bathroom, grandson of the king's palace Rajo Nan Nature Satangkai Bungo in the region.
They reduce child marriage which is known by the name Dara Petak or Bundo Kanduang, the local queen who was married to the commander of the Majapahit named Mahesa Anabrang. They are a lower Arya Adhityawarman or Dang Tuanku. Regional Dharmasraya which is the representative of the King of Majapahit in the interior of Sumatra

state of nature

Dharmasraya is generally mountainous and undulating with an altitude between 100 to 1500 meters above sea level, and very little flat land available in this region. In addition, Dharmasraya crossed by less than 29 rivers and this is where Batanghari River begins. 2961.1 km2 of this area, approximately 85% of its territory covered by forests and plantations so that its potential is very large field

Potential Region

Dharmasraya developing as one producer of Palm Oil sands or fruit according to local terms. In addition, this district is also a manufacturer of various types of other crops, such as cinnamon, rubber, coconut, gambier, coffee, cocoa, cloves, and nut. Plantations there is more dominated by rubber and palm.Producing palm mostly found in this district is the district Rumbai River.
In addition there is potential for mining, which until this moment has not been explored, namely coal, limestone, quartz sand, gold, clay quartzite and so forth. This district is still new, and still in the stage of develop themselves by opening up investment opportunities as possible. Supported by its strategic position in Sumatra (Sumatera Central Cross-crossed by lines along 100 km), then the Dharmasraya is fast becoming a developed region and grows as the area of trade and services.

Dharmasraya is the region "gold". In addition to carrying a very good land for cultivation of various types of plants that have high economic value, the location is very strategic area, Dharmasraya was in the middle lane of Sumatra across the veins of the national economy. Recognizing the geographic advantage possessed Dharmasraya, the Dharmasraya Regents policy, H Marlon Martua specify that leads into the center area of agribusiness in the West Sumatra province should be given positive appreciation. Government Dharmasraya set agribusiness sector as the mainstay in the economic development of their regions.

HR support is crucial, especially at institutions that are directly related to the agricultural sector in the broad sense (agriculture, plantation, fishery, and livestock, as well as cooperatives, trade and perindustriuan). To realize the fundamentals of agribusiness as the regional economy, Dharmasraya must have a professional apparatus, qualified and has a strong commitment to enhancing the welfare of the peasantry. While the sniper programs are well targeted activities supported by post-harvest cultivation technology and the right as well.

Dharmasraya can be agribusiness production center

Some of the main prerequisites to achieve that goal already owned. Fertile land, its people mostly work in agriculture, technology available, and local governments fully support that desire. Local Government under the leadership of [I] [B] H. Marlon Martua [/ B] [/ I] has defined several areas planned production center .. Regions include the following: regional production centers in Piruko Corn, soybean production center in Bukit Mindawa, production centers in Sungai Padi Dareh, Manggis Production Center in IVKoto, production centers in Siguntur Orange, Banana production center in Taratak koto tuo, duku production centers in Koto Laweh, salak production center gift at Kurnia Koto Salak river Rumbai and production centers in Sungai Durian Monthong Dareh.

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