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Istano Basa Pagaruyung Development almost completed the process, no longer one of the biggest tourist attraction in West Sumatra will be ready to receive tourists both foreign and local, but it Istano bases will also be used as a means of guidance in accordance with the philosophy of indigenous customary basandi syarak, syarak basandi God's Book .

They will also be built facility in the complex outbound Istano bases this Pagaruyung Aulizul Syuib said vice regent, when the apples together in complex Istano Pagaruyung base preparation in order goro international jamboree at this location (6 / 12), present on the occasion, Chaldean 0307 Tanah Datar , of Police Tanah Datar, Head of Department Budpar, Head of Department of Youth and Sports, KTU Department of Transportation Communication and Information, Head and Wali Nagari Pagaruyung.


Social work along the ± 200 people attended this consists of local government environment agency Tanah Datar and Boy Scouts of Saka-saka coach who just follow the KML and from Gudep.

Istano Basa Pagaruyung serve as the location of the International Jamboree diletar background with beautiful natural scenery and is also a cultural center and not far from the location of offices and market wabub added.

International Jamboree will be followed by some countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and others, for that wabub urge the community to welcome this event and keep the ethics, morals and morality should not make the image no good to the guests who come.

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