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Hot swimming baths, rock climbing in Sijunjung

Posted By admin Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mount Turmeric, Sijunjung, Hot Water, Gua Loguang
Tourist attraction is interesting natural formations you visited the tourists who visit the District Sijunjung. This cave has a beautiful view of the rocks stalactite and stalagmites inside. This tourism object is located in the tourist areas Air Angek (hot water).

Nature tourism

Nagari Air Angek, sub-District Sijunjung, Sijunjung District, West Sumatra,
Distance 110 KM from the city of Padang
distance of 20 KM from ibukabupaten Sijunjung
Or about 30 KM from the Central Section Cross Sumatra

Facility tour
Loguang Goa is situated between two attractive swimming baths
There are sites for camping
There are steep rocks to the location of rock climbing
There is a lake in the Mount Turmeric with golden pond

Transportation Facilities
Private vehicles and public transportation from the District Sawahlunto Sijunjung, or you can contact your favorite travel agent

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