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Randai: A Regional Art Of Minangkabau

Posted By admin Friday, March 18, 2011

Randai is one kind of folk theater arts Minangkabau village children. Usually, one group Randai totaled 14 to 25 players who brought the story of folk tales, like, Kati Nature, Samsudin, Siti Sabariah, Nature, Saedar Siti Janela and others.

Technically, Randai is a blend of dance, music and theater. Its uniqueness lies in the presentation of the shape of a circle pattern. Closeness between players and spectators makes Randai very familiar with the Minangkabau society.

Randai usually played at page or on the ground, so the audience surrounds the players seem to be a unified whole. In each performance, spectators may be interrupted dialogues delivered a player or maybe cheering to give players like lenong passion in Batavia.

There are two basic elements that become elements Randai:

FIRST, the element of storytelling, which is a tale told (Kaba) , and presented / submitted through the couplets, and sang songs, which are often accompanied by traditional musical instruments Minang, namely: salung, fiddle, Bansi, tambourine, or something else.

Second, elements of behavior and movement or dance, that was delivered through the waves. Dance movement that is used starting from silat movements Minangkabau tradition, with its variations in relation to the style of martial arts in their respective regions.

Randai is played by the main character that will be on duty to submit the story, the protagonist can be numbered one, two, three or more depending on the story that was delivered, and in bringing the main character or act it circled by the other members that aims to enliven the course event.

Randai Now this is something foreign to the youth Minangkabau, this is because the shifting orientation of art or hobby of that generation. Randai contained in pasisie (coastal) and the area Darek (mainland).

At first Randai is a medium to convey tale or folklore through couplets or poems sung and galombang (dance), which originated from Minangkabau silat movements. But in its development, adopting Randai style characterizations and dialogue in plays, such as group Dardanela.

Randai at first is a medium to convey stories of the people, and less appropriate if called as a theater Randai Minangkabau tradition, although in its development Randai adopting storytelling or theater or theatrical dialogue.

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