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Located on the Teluk Bungus, 23 km towards the south of Padang. Bungus Bay can be reached by taxi or public transportation stops at Pier majors Bungus sackcloth Bay then followed by motor boat across the sea for 20 minutes to the island Sikuai. Also traveling to the Island Sikuai can also start from the pier at Marine Tourism Harau Trunk Road

Sikuai Island offers the comfort and beauty of the marine world because this island has established a resort that has a complete facility with a satisfactory service. Sikuai Island Resort is surrounded by green tropical trees and white sand blend with the blue sea. From the island can also be enjoyed by a few small green islands as well as views of the underwater world is very beautiful. Keexotisan and services offered by Sikuai Island Resort, making the tourists seemed to be on a private island so that the slogan "the dream changed from reality" is very suitable destined for this resort.

Besides enjoying the quiet atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of the city, visitors can begin his days in Sikuai Island Resort by doing some activities such as jogging with the family around the island. Not only healthy, with berjogging visitors can see several species of tropical animals such as birds, lizards and monkeys.

Snorkelling is the alternative activities that can be done while enjoying the thrill of chasing fish amongst the colorful coral reefs. Activities during the day can be exhausting treated with relaxation in the swimming pool located on the top of Sikuai island while enjoying the sunset.

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