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Talempong : Musical Instrument West Sumatera

Posted By admin Monday, March 14, 2011

A talempong a small kettle gong which gives its name to an ensemble of four or five talempong as well as other gongs and drums. The term can refer to the instrument, the ensemble, or the genre of music.

Talempong is a traditional music of the Minangkabau people of West Sumatra, Indonesia. The talempong produce a static texture consisting of interlocking rhythms.

Talempong can be made ​​of brass, but some are made ​​of wood and stone. Currently talempong of brass type is more widely used. This talempong circular holes on the bottom while at the top there is a prominent traffic circle two inches in diameter as a place to hit. Talempong has a different tone. The sound generated from a pair of wood that struck the surface.

Talempong was brought into Negri Sembilan, Malay Peninsular by people of West Sumatra in 14th century. Here, talempong is also known as caklempong.

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