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Twin Lake West Sumatra

Posted By admin Saturday, March 19, 2011

Twin Lake ( Danau di ateh dan danau di bawah: WEST SUMATRA)

West Sumatra is known to be very rich with natural attractions that are spread in all districts and cities in West Sumatra, one of which tourism Lake Above and Below Lake, also known by the name Twin Lakes. Hence, not surprisingly, also of West Sumatra is one tourist destination in Indonesia.
Lake Above and Below Lake, located in the district of Solok, or rather in the area of ​​Bungo Cape, Alahan Long. The location of the lake is very strategically located in the upper altitude, causing the air temperature in the region is very cold. Hence, for visitors who are not familiar with cold temperatures, when the visit there should be set up sweater or coat to withstand cold.
From the city of Padang, the site was located about 65 kilometers by road through the full rise and a lot of corners, so that when our condition is less fit or like motion sickness, should prepare themselves by swallowing pills hangover By we reached our destination, we will witness the scene at the right left the road is so beautiful, because it is 15 km leave the central city of Padang, we will immediately confronted the hills, forests, and steep ravines.
Once in Lubuk Basil, about 35 km from the center of the city of Padang, we turn right towards the direction of South Solok. Soon, we will be struck by the smell of fresh tea leaves, because we pass on the left-right path lies a vast tea gardens.
Virginity natural and cultural authenticity that is still strong in this area, are two potential combined into one as the capital of tourism development in the area known as the producer of "rice" was first class. And now, the access road to the objects that are still hidden in isolation, including toward Lake High and Low Lake has been quite a lot.
If you come from the direction of Solok, you can go directly from Terminal Lake Under Bareh Solok. The road from here is a bit cramped, but the scenery we saw before reaching the destination, how amazing once.
Hence, until this last decade of Solok district still relies on the natural beauty as a capital to sell tourism to the tourist areas, and attempt to continue 'menjual'nya to investors never stop. And as the district's most lots have a lake in West Sumatra (Lake Batur, Lake Diateh, Under Lake and Lake Talang) Solok regency seemed very well aware if the area has long noted the stranger as a beautiful area
And a few years ago, initiated the concept of Solok regency new resort which is positioned in the region plus Lake Talang Lake twins. The concept is called the Lake Resort Development concept Above, Below and Lake Talang Lake.
When we come from the direction of Lubuk Basil, there's about a kilo vsatu got home before eating Bungo Cape, we will witness the spread of water above the blue lake. Nature is cool, beautiful and fresh will welcome us to release tension.
Once in the intersection of the entrance to the lake, turn right when we will go directly to Lake Above. However, when turning left, you will meet with the Lake Below. And on the outskirts Above, is now standing is also a fairly presentatif Convention Hall. We do not know whether the building was used or not, because around the building does not look well groomed at all and seemed dirty.
Not far from the convention hall building, also seen some cottages are also impressed never inhabited at all. Not known for certain who the owner of the cottage which was situated very strategic. The legend says the cottage was a Solok regency property for rent to the travelers. But why is such uninhabited cottage, not known for certain causes.
Bored in Lake Above, you can go to the east and met its twin, the Lake Below. Here, a panorama that is presented is equally beautiful with the lake above. While enjoying the fruits of passion fruit are sold along the road towards that location, make us comfortable to linger there.
In these two lakes, we can enjoy a tour around the lake with a boat rental property local community. Or before you reach the Lake Below, you can stop for a moment in a panoramic view to enjoy the cool breeze that blows over lunch at a few locations that have been made Solok regency. Duh it seems we find a peaceful atmosphere.
Still want another location? You can visit the Mount Talang from this location. Or if you come from Padang, Arriving in Lubuk Basil goes on, and on the Mount Sileh you turn right. But to reach this lake, it takes a long time.
In addition there Talang Lake located in the waist area of ​​Mount Talang 1950 mx 1050 m with a depth of 88m, a height of 1674 m above sea level (asl), there is also a small lake of 400 mx 100 m altitude m.Selain 1707, at the Bukit Kili, there are also hot springs at the foot of the volcano. Those places have not been developed for tourism or for medical purposes in healing various skin diseases. In fact, this area has enough potential to be developed as a promising tourist sites

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