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Paragede Angek.. Paragede Angek

Posted By admin Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Paragede or Pergedel made from corn, have a special place for the people of Padang Panjang Surrounding.

For those who like to drive or take the bus that passes through this town, when stopped at a place frequently visited by the sellers in this pergedel. Pergedel corn or the Minang people call paragede jaguang in the offer are always in a state of hot or warm. This is in accordance with the air temperature in particular the city of Padang Panjang Anai Valley are cold, because tucked between two mountains, Merapi and Singgalang.

The smell of fried corn pergedel is still hot, are so inviting taste. So do not hesitate to make a hand reached into the pocket to spend money to buy it. Young sweet corn flavor coupled with the cold air was a combination of the right to enjoy this pergedel.

Once these traders pergedel mengasong from bus to bus that passed in this city Padang Panjang. But now, especially the merchants who mengasong at Anai Valley. They already have their own base which occupies a strategic and permanent place in this Anai Valley.

The base of this pergedel traders, a special stop at one corner of the street is quite wide at Anai Valley. The existence of the stop is also likely supported by an unwritten agreement between a merchant who hung there, with the drivers of public transport or bus and car travel.

Several times I was back and forth from Padang Panjang to Pariaman, or from Padang to Bukittinggi has to go through this Anai Valley, bus or car travel which I was riding always took time to stop at the stop pergedel this particular merchant.

But one thing is quite unfortunate, the position of these stops are only located on one side of the road in this Anai Valley. So that always stops there is a car or a bus coming from the Padang or Pariaman, while vehicles coming from opposite directions do not stop, unless requested by the passengers.

The merchants who sell at the bus stop or base Pergedel, it seems well enough to understand and obey the rules they make to trade there. That is, each bus or car travel is stopped, only one person who pengasong pergedel peddle his wares in a vehicle that stops it, while others patiently wait their turn.

By obeying the rules like that, I had never experienced pengasong several people who shouted at once boarded the bus-bus or car travel is small, which we often encounter in other places.

When in the cities of Java island we find the traders know fried, then in Padang Panjang we will hear cries of: "paragede, paragede jaguang, paragede jaguang angek, angek ..."

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