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Posted By Masrizal Sunday, June 21, 2009

Nagari Nagari Jaho is an entry into the territory of District X Koto, Tanah Datar, West Sumatra, Indonesia. Viewed from the distance to the Capital District, Nagari Jaho closer geographically to the city of Padang Panjang. No wonder most of the people of Nagari Jaho more often go to Padang Panjang city than the Batusangkar (the Capital District. Tanah Datar), be it to trade, schools, or to buy daily necessities.

Geographically Nagari Jaho be in a position 100 ° 24 '55 "E, 0 ° 29' 45" latitude and 100 ° 26 '18 "E, 0 ° 28' 42" latitude located at an altitude between 725meter 600meter and has the air in this village is so cool, and natural feel that is still sustainable, like the green hills, padi fields and so forth. Noted at this time almost 50% of villages are located in overseas Jaho, scattered in various regions and cities both in the province or outside the province in the country.

This Jaho Nagari from the backwards has undergone various changes of government agencies, which originally shaped village self-government into the village administration, this is caused by Act No.05 of 1979 which regulates the composition keseragam lowest Organizations and government agencies are under the district is the Village or Village . Although the abolition of autonomous village system of government, the Nagari is still recognized and maintained as a single entity Indigenous People this is sounded in Article 8 of Law 07/1981.

From that point on the existing system of government in Jaho is shaped village, which in the end though it has been through a long journey, this Jaho government back to the Villages which have autonomous rights. The return of government to the Nagari Nagari Jaho This is because the regional autonomy law that was issued in Law in 2001. For the autonomous government of West Sumatera which is re-enacted to nagari system.

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