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Boundaries should be Prioritized

Posted By admin Monday, March 14, 2011

Provinsi Sumatera Barat

Padang Panjang, Singgalang
Observer indigenous issues and culture in Padang Panjang, Uncu Affandi, requested the City Government (City Administration) Padang Panjang to prioritize the completion of the limits of its territory in Tanah Datar. While Nagari Jaho claimed to have become victims of 'expansion secretly' city was nicknamed the Veranda of Mecca.
"There are some areas which now have been in the area of ​​Padang Panjang. We ask that Pemkab Tanah Datar and Padang Panjang to settle the boundary line sesegeranya. If not, the problems that will arise in the future will be difficult to resolve, "said Acting. Walinagari Jaho, District X Koto, Tanah Datar, Zulmurni answer Singgalang, Thursday (5 / 2), in his office.
Zulmurni Recognition, the area commonly called the Curved Dog of the Tugu Monas, Padang Panjang East, and Pengairah Rupiah, formerly located in the Villages area Jaho, but now secretly has been in the area of ​​public administration in Padang Panjang. In order to avoid border conflict in the future, Zulmurni hope, the second border area should be established by agreement of both parties.

Nagari Jaho, he said, the northern borders with Tails Lubuk Village, Padang Panjang, while in the south by ferry Nagari, in the West with Pariaman and Padang District in the East with the Nagari Batipuah Baruah. Nagari, it is clear Zulmurni, has successfully completed a map of villages. However, because it involves the administration of government, stakes its territory with the city of Padang Panjang must be seated by the two governments. The cost of making the map village itself is assisted by former Governor of West Sumatra H. Hasan Basri Durin as the son of the area.
Meanwhile, as the city of Padang Panjang residents who have interest in village affairs and culture, Uncu Affandi request Padang Panjang want menyahuti Tanah Datar regency desire to make a joint commitment to reach an agreement about the boundary line. Because, the base, the business will be much related to the interests of society in both regions, both in terms of customary law and keperdataaan affairs.
"I helped push Padang Panjang to clarify the boundary line. It could be, both regions have been playing serobot-barging areas of administration. If that happens, later civil matters will be complicated, for example in terms of land pensertifikatan by the National Land Agency (BPN) in both areas, "he said.

According Uncu, actually in terms bernagari, village boundaries are clear, namely piggledy, banda and pillars. Only three benchmarks that, he said, which can be followed to determine the boundaries of villages based on the agreement and customary rule in Minangkabau.
As reported yesterday Singgalang, Tanah Datar regency declared its readiness to make commitments and to negotiate with the Government of the City (City Administration) Padang Panjang. The talks were needed to specify the boundary line and avoid unilateral action and territorial annexation that will be able to bear the legal issues in the future. Readiness was expressed Head of Governance (Tapem) Setdakab Tanah Datar Drs. H. Armen Yudi, M.Sc.
The district is popularly known as Nan Tuo LUHAK and claims itself as the 'father' of Padang Panjang, this year allocated 100 million in its budget to solve the border problem with the city / county that are neighbors.

According to Armen Yudi, talk about the boundary line between Tanah Datar in Padang Panjang, actually contain many of the problems is quite sensitive. That is precisely why, Armen admitted as open ourselves to make a commitment together with Padang Panjang to completion. Tanah Datar, he argued, it is impossible to 'steal' territorial Padang Panjang. The reason, relations between the two regions likened the relationship with the child's father. "Not possible to father a child will grab treasure. But if property digasak father a child, it is commonplace and frequent, "he said diplomatically.

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