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Tanah Datar District Demographics

Posted By admin Monday, March 14, 2011

Tanah Datar District Demographics

Tanah Datar is a regency Seven Best from 400 districts in Indonesia have available. This award was given in 2003 by the Institute for International Partnership and the British Embassy. Indonesian Institute of Sciences Tanah Datar district named as one of four regions most accomplished and successfully implement regional autonomy.

Tanah Datar is a regency in West Sumatra's smallest region with an area of ​​133,600 ha and is located between two mountains, the Mount Merapi and Mount Singgalang. Tanah Datar natural conditions is dominated by hills, and has two-thirds of the Singkarak lake .

Meaning of symbol


Tuah Sepakat Alur dan Patut means unanimous in agreement, always rely upon a groove and deserve. Personal interests be respected within the limits do not conflict with common interests based grooves and deserve.

Central Institute for Indigenous Peoples gonjong Five represents the consensus, where the birth of natural philosophy of mind typical Plains community known as the democratic system by the flow and patur, as a symbol of the consequences of implementing democracy.

Customs hall roof that curved like a buffalo horn taper is looming over the art style typical Plains building that symbolizes the dynamic nature of society, work to do and aspire for happiness with noble

Bergonjong and domed mosque Masjid-story, domed, bergonjong and straight up represent the majority religion is Islam Plains communities, in shaping the soul of a holy and virtuous.

Rice and cotton Cotton symbolizes the ideals of society Plains towards a just and prosperous life diridhoi Allah SWT.

Keris Heritage symbolizes the unity of the soul society Plains patriots who love peace and harmony always maintains his dignity.

Geographical Location Tanah Datar

Tanah Datar has a border with four districts in West Sumatra. Bordered on the north side premises Agam district and City of Fifty. The southern border with Sawah Lunto City and Solok Districk. The west by districts of Padang Pariaman while on the east by Sawah Lunto districts

Tanah Datar District is an area rich with water resources. Besides the Singkarak Lake, in Tanah Datar district, there are more than 25 rivers.

Economic Potential of Tanah Datar

Tanah Datar District is an agricultural area, more than 70% of the population works in agriculture, both agricultural crops, plantations, fisheries and livestock. Likewise with the business community in other sectors as well as tourism and agriculture-based small industries or agro-industry. Community Tanah Datar also known fond of saving money with a total public savings fund of Rp. 223 billion in 2004.

Pontensi Tanah Datar district economy can be categorized into three categories namely: Very Potential, Potential and No Potential. For the agricultural sector with huge potential to develop is cassava, cabbage, rubber, sugar cane, beef cattle, horse breeding, goat breeding cattle, broiler farming, poultry rather than race, duck farming and cultivation of freshwater fish. Other sectors with huge potential to be developed is the civil construction industry, retailers of processed food crops, telecommunications kiosk, souvenir vendors and historical tourism. Tanah Datar potential for almost all agricultural sectors except clove, tobacco, spinach and pepper. As for the mining sector has potential to be the excavation of lime and sand.

Mining sector

Tanah Datar has the potential of minerals in the form of limestone kristalian are now managed by PT. Inkalko Agung, dolomite, granite, sirtukil, clay, half gem stone, trass, phosphate, coal, iron, gold, sulfur, quartz and slate.

Business sector industries

Industrial district of Tanah Datar is dominated by small scale industries like weaving clever Sikek contained in sub Ten Koto, coffee powder, sweet crackers, crackers leather, woven palm leaf rib, palm sugar, sugar cane. Major industrial sectors of silkworm breeding by PT. Sutra Krida. In 2004 an investment of a small industrial sector in the district of Tanah Datar reached Rp. 7 billion with the production value of Rp. 60 billion.

Tourism sector

LUHAK Nan Tuo, another name of Tanah Datar District. Minangkabau society believes that the origin of the Minangkabau of Tanah Datar, precisely from Dusun Tuo District Pariangan Pariangan.

Much evidence is still available in Tanah Datar district is like Rice Satampang Baniah, headman indak Barangin Nan, Nan Galundi Baselo and Tombs Tantejo Gurhano Datuk Long known as the architect gadang home. Then from LUHAK Tanah Datar is then Minangkabau people grow and migrate to other areas such as LUHAK 50 cities and LUHAK Agam.

In Tanah Datar currently there are still many indigenous Minangkabau heritage, both in the form of objects and the order of Minangkabau traditional culture. Pledge "Adat Basandi Syarak, Syarak Basandi Kitabullah" is also called the Oath of Satie who was also in Tanah Datar was born, the place on the Mount Marapalam Puncak Pato sub-district North Lintau Buo .

Tanah Datar District as a place of Minangkabau ethnic origin has a lot of historical places. Tourism industry in Tanah Datar district is the potential to be developed.

Historical sights located in Tanah Datar district, among others, the Palace Pagarruyung, Balairuang Sari, Puncak Pato, Inscription Adityawarman, Stone Angkek-angkek, Home Gadang Balimbing, Water Mill, Stone Basurek, Nagari Tuo Pariangan, Fort Van der Capellen, Stone Batikam and Ustano Rajo.

As for the natural and cultural tourism in the district of Tanah Datar is Anai Valley, Panorama Tabek Pateh, Danau Singkarak Bukit Batu Patah, Ngalau Pangian.

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