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Cruising Culinary Tours West Sumatra

Posted By admin Friday, March 25, 2011

Explore West Sumatra, we are not only going to discover the natural beauty, but we also can enjoy the culture, history and culinary characteristics. From Padang, West Sumatra's capital we can go Maninjau. Along the way we can enjoy the beautiful panorama with a smooth path. On either side of the yellowing fields ready for harvest with a troupe of buffalo bathing in a river.

Winding road after passing Pariaman with the cool air makes us fresh.Air in the gutter looks swift and clear. The trip to Lake Maninjau very pleasant.

Lake Maninjau calm water. Many freshwater fish cages for aquaculture Nila and Mas. Here, many typical Minangkabau buildings made of wood with a color that has been blackened. Wave ripples seen on the lips of the lake with a rhythmic sound. In the distance see a blue line of the valley hills.

Andi Sucipto from PT Sinar Sosro said Maninjau Lake is a lake that is often dubbed the crystal lake, because of the color green that is usually quiet, silent no ripples.

After enjoying the sunset on beautiful Lake Maninjau, we can continue the trip to Bukittinggi. The trip to Bukittinggi kitam liukan going down the street like a snake. The road was twisting with sharp tikungannya and uphill. "This place is also famous for its 44-Curved. At the bend in the increasingly close to the lake, there are the monkeys who live in the forests surrounding the small, "said Andi.

From the street, looking Maninjau quiet with a neat settlement residents. We also have to be careful along this road, especially alert to vehicles coming from opposite direction. The road was not wide enough. Travel from Lake Maninjau to Bukittinggi can be reached about a half hour.

Clock Tower is one of the iconic city of Bukit Tinggi. It's right in the heart of the city and is located in front of the Palace of Hatta. This clock is a gift from the Netherlands. This clock is unique. Because there is a typing error in the number four Roman. There, the number three number two times. Many residents who kongkow and spent his vacation in Bukittinggi. The air is very cool. Like the Lembang area in Bandung or Puncak in Bogor, West Java.

Bukittinggi is not only beautiful with its natural. But, Bukittinggi is one of the main cities has historical importance in shaping Indonesia. There are many kinds of intellectuals birth Hatta, Sjahrir, Muhammad Natsir, Buya Hamka, Syafroedin Prawiranegara to Tan Malaka. They gave birth to many ideas, concepts, ideas, views and debate about Indonesia. Intellectuals of the nationalist and religious circles of the Minangkabau this gives a different color.

After enjoying the panorama of nature and trace the history of the founders of the nation, do not forget to enjoy also serving Nasi Kapau Lis Union which is located behind Upper Market. Rice kapau Unis lis is a place to eat typical Minang which had stood long enough. Meal is white rice with various side dishes, cooked with thick coconut milk dominant, full of spice turmeric and chili peppers hot. For Andi Sucipto, Lis Union is a mainstay of fish curry paweh batalua (spawn), goulash and goulash kikil Tunjang.

And unique, the arrangement of this restaurant could serve as an example to build togetherness. Sellers stood in front of a table covered with large metal pots and neat compound, containing a variety of side dishes wallow coconut milk. Select a menu, pointing, and actions that serve the Union could be a spectacle in itself. A scoop of coconut shell peracik will accompany the buyer to take side dish choices. Then the Union will mix with choice of rice, before serving. This shop has been opened around the 1980s.

It feels incomplete if it is traveling to Bukittinggi but did not enjoy curry Itiak Lado Mudo 'canyon'. This diner has been long standing, hereditary and feels very simple. But the shop is located on Highway Sianok canyon is a long queue during lunch hour.

The main dish of meat and curry itiak kalio very legendary. Itiak meat (duck) was tasty, although given the green chili flavor. Taste delicious spicy hard-forgotten. A rather extreme sensation was ambushed while we ate duck tongue young green peppers. Itiak goulash goulash Lado Mudo is a young duck who smeared chopped green chillies. So many cabenya, as a young duck meat was hiding in the chili.

But in spite of abundant cabenya, spicy flavor that was limited to just heat up the lips. That's different from the spicy hot pepper that can make the esophagus. To reduce the spicy, curry duck served with cucumber slices and chopped onion. After munching cucumber and onion, spiciness is somewhat reduced.

Warnita, curry stall owner Itiak Lado Mudo said the family business actually started in 1968. "When my mother sold rice Pical. Since 1980 we open a business then this duck rice, directly in the canyon Sianok, "says Ita, her nickname.

According to him, cooking is very fitting duck curry served with tea bottle Sosro. "Mixing between the flavor of the tea is slightly bitter and full of flavor dish made more enjoyable in the mouth," he said.

As a famous shop, customers not only from the Minangkabau region alone. Even Ita can differentiate their customer aasal area only from a sense of serving tea Sosro bottles only. "The tongue of the non-Minang Minang with diff. When the Minang people prefer to enjoy tea in a cold state Sosro bottle or already in the refrigerator. But for visitors from outside of Padang Sosro prefer bottled tea is not cold, but served in a glass with ice cubes, "he said.

In one day off, restaurant canyon could spend 4 crates of tea for his guest Sosro bottle. "Whereas during the school holidays or a big day like Lebarang able to spend 10 crates per day. On the day not a weekend, about 2 crates per day, "said Ita.

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