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Gantiang Grand Mosque : Masjid Raya Gantiang

Posted By admin Friday, March 25, 2011

Gantiang Grand Mosque is the oldest mosque in the city of Padang. Originally the mosque was built in 1700 AD in the form of semi-permanently on the edge of the Batang Arau. The mosque was later dismantled by the Dutch colonial government, because in these places will be built the road to Port Emma Haven in the Bay Bayur. The mosque was later moved to the area Gantiang. The land where the mosque is the establishment of community Gantiang waqf land.

Construction of the mosque was designed by several local community leaders, such as; Angku Gapuak, a trader from Pasa Tower; Angku Uma Haji Sheikh, head of the village in Pasa Tower; Angku Sheikh Kapalo Koto, clerics and religious figures. Funding being obtained from donors from several areas, such as Aceh, Medan, Sibolga, and Minangkabau own. Development carried out by people with work together under the leadership of a Dutch military, as one form of moral responsibility of the Dutch colonial government because it has disrupted the first mosque in Batang Arau. In 1819, construction of the mosque was completed early stages of a permanent mosque with a size of 30 x 30 m is equipped with a veranda (terrace), width of 4 m. Furthermore, the development done in stages to complete the part that has not been perfect.

Mosque architecture is a mix of different architectural patterns, such as: Dutch, Persian, Middle Eastern, Chinese and Minangkabau. Construction of the mosque are made of high quality materials. Material from the timber, such as: wood imported from Bangkinang Ulin, Riau; Wood Rasak imported from Indrapura; and Wood Lime from Pasaman. While other compositions, such as zinc, tiles and cement imported from Europe. For the interior, like the pulpit, made and engraved with Chinese carvings that were donated from a Chinese merchant who is Muslim. While the floor is installed special tiles imported from Germany which was brought by the Dutch company in 1910. In addition, there are 25 significant pillar as a symbol of the 25 prophets and messengers, and also there are some beautifully carved in the form of calligraphy that decorate the mosque.

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