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Padang Beach - Taplau : Tapi Lauik

Posted By admin Friday, March 25, 2011

If you want to visit tourist attractions in Padang Beach is easy. Being situated only a few meters from the city center, close enough to the beach access. It could even be reached by walking a few minutes. Padang beach which extends from north to south, has a stretch of blue, distant sea with the rolling waves, while in the distance seen some charming island with its sand. Padang people call it, Tapi Lauik (waterfront), or Taplau (abbreviation of tapi lauik, Indonesia: Tepi Laut)) the terms of young people here.

The beauty and sound of waves Padang Beach is more enjoyable when accompanied by eating a variety of snacks that are being sold along the coast. There was fried shrimp, fried bananas, grilled corn, bananas, Baker and others. The atmosphere will be more crowded when the sun sank slowly leaving segurat diufuk orange dim red light at the foot of the sky.

Procession of motorcycles and cars driven by young people seen milling about just to enjoy the beautiful sunset before. While on the beach, a bunch of young kids still looks fun playing beach ball. Likewise with the parasailing and surfing enthusiasts, soluble in Padang Beach waves. Towards the estuary, a group of youngsters was busy playing basketball and chatting each other. Not far from there, selling eggs and talua katuang (turtle eggs) served by the buyers who want to feel the eggs that are supposedly good for the health efficacious.

At the end of the beach area there are Muara Padang Padang somewhat Mountain juts into the sea. We have grave Siti Mount Nurbaya and some pillbox Japanese soldiers during World War II, there are still some relics of war cannon around Gunung Padang.

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