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Hidden Beauty of the Mentawai Islands

Posted By admin Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mentawai is the natural habitat for 16 species endemic, and some of them categorized as endangered species, eg monkey Simakobu (simias concolor - which eat the leaves as a main meal).

Located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, is 150 km and takes 9 hours trip from Padang in West Sumatra, Mentawai shine with all the natural charm and makes it extraordinary seclusion from busy life.

(Mengungkap Keindahan Tersembunyi Kepulauan Mentawai, Indonesia)

Life of the Mentawai people currently zoned as a heritage from the Neolithic era and they have a strong belief in nature, because that is their life is influenced by nature. They believe that nature is the center of life. All these original attributes make Mentawai be the perfect place to get a cultural experience, here you will see a custom and culture that is very interesting, like traditional cloths, art, music and way of life.

Cultural attributes as a whole is reflected their respect for nature. Tattooing is one of the most important symbol for Mentawai people, who reflect maturity, manhood and status. Art body painting was inherited from their ancestors, while their natural tattoo ink is made from the leaves.

Among the surfers, Mentawai is the best place to fill the needs of those who seek the challenge and beauty of nature. Beaches offer one of the highest waves in the world, 3 to 4 feet, really challenging your stomach. Once you landed yourself in this hidden paradise island, then the next you will paddle into the arena of the world's best surfing.

Do not call yourself as a surfer if you do not ride the waves the Mentawai as noted by many surfers to express their experience to surf in the Mentawai. There are four main diving site in the Mentawai of Siberut, Sipora, North Pagai and South Pagai. You can find great waves here all year, but the best waves during the dry season, March to October.

Make sure you have strong muscles peruta to explore all the waves like glass, because the best way to dub your surfing experience is through experience it for yourself.

How to Mentawai

1. Take a flight to the Minangkabau International Airport from your location

2. Take the ferry from the port Bayur Bay, Padang to Mentawai islands

Wandering in the Mentawai

To access all the beauty on offer, you can rent a boat owned by local residents. You can find a boat along the coast. The price depends on your bargaining skills.

Suggested Activities

Beach Activities

1. Enjoy the beauty of beach

2. Diving or diving

3. Snorkeling

Cultural Activities

1. Learn traditional dances (war dance and thanks to the natural)

2. Traditional Ceremony

3. Mentawai is one of the best places to conduct studies Ethnography because here there is one of the oldest tribes in Indonesia

Ecotourism Activities

As a habitat for endangered primates, the natural rain forests Mentawai a perfect place for research or other educational purposes. Here you can do research on

1. snub-nosed monkey / Simakobu (Simias concolor) is a family of monkeys that eat the leaves as a main meal

2. Joja or monkey Mentawai (Presbytis potenziani) is easily identified because of the long tail, white face and head with black hair.

3. Bokkoi or monkey Mentawai (Macaca pagensis)

4. Kloss Gibbon / Bilou or Pygmy Siamang (Hylobates klossii) is famous for its beautiful sound, unlike the monkeys in general

Accommodation and Lodging

Many visitors choose homestays. They offer a distinctive way of life in a unique architecture and experience interacting with the locals. In addition, you can stay in a cheap hotel in Siberut.


Gugah your taste with exotic seafood and fresh that you can find at a local restaurant run by the local community. If you're lucky enough, you can choose and cook your own seafood, but be sure you know the secret recipe / spices from the Mentawai people. If you do not like seafood, you can find regular food as well.

Or Souvenir Shop

Hand-made souvenirs like traditional hats of local, traditional bags and accessories will be a genuine gift for relatives and friends. You can buy them at the gift shop or from local people directly.

1. Bring your own surfboard together with you, because it might be a little difficult to find a surfboard shop in Mentawai
2. Big wave can be found throughout the year, but the best waves come in March to October during the dry season
3. Bring your personal medicine
4. You can arrange your visit by contacting your travel agent and airline services in Indonesia

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