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Surfing And Diving in Mentawai Islands

Posted By admin Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mentawai is a group of small islands located on the western island of Sumatra, Indonesia. Mentawai is one of regencies in West Sumatra Province. Indigenous Mentawai Mentawai is the People. The language used by the Mentawai is Mentawai language. Large islands are inhabited by many residents in the Mentawai is Sipora Island, North Pagai, Pagai south and Siberut.

(Menyelam dan Berselancar di Ganasnya Ombak Kepulauan Mentawai)
Mentawai is the Capital District Tua Pejat. Area Mentawai district is 6011.35 square kilometer. With a population of 38,300 people (year 2000).
Mentawai people are the traditional house with chiefs of his uma Sakerei title.
Tourism. Mentawai has many beautiful islands with large waves, which is great for the sport of surfing.

Tourism Mentawai people are becoming known in the mid 1990s, namely a perselancar accidentally from Australia to find good waves to surfing. Since then Mentawai visited by tourists for berselancar.Kabarnya waves in the Mentawai is the world's third best waves for surfing.

Now people make the Mentawai as a tourist destination, especially for surfing, also to find out more in the life of the Mentawai tribe, see the natural beauty investigate Mentawai and animal life in others.

In Mentawai now has a lot of standing resorts managed by foreigners, such as Kandui resort. Besides, people in the Mentawai economy also grew by providing Home stay at tourist attractions.

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