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The History Of Nagari Jaho : Part 1

Posted By admin Monday, March 14, 2011

As a descendant of ethnic Deutera Malay, Minang Kabau ethnic viewed in terms of culture should be included into the category CULTURE VOLKS. Broadly speaking, the formation and establishment of village-village in the beginning is shaped colonies that came from "Tampuak-tangkai" Alam Minang Kabau, namely through Sikaladi Pariangan Padang Panjang and Batipuah.

That said, there are 24 groups called Niniak, down from Pariangan region to seek new areas for settlement (residence). The delegation was led by a prince who holds Dt. Nan Sinaro Hitam who later became elders in the Villages Batipuah Top. Of the 24 group, 12 of them chose berhuma entourage in Kapalo Koto and Ikua Koto, while 12 other groups to continue the journey back towards the sunset (west), which finally stopped and farming between Gantiang Aru Hill near Batang Aia Hill meeting with the  River Talang Bukik Aia , and diasanalah beginning of the 12 was berhuma. So at that moment was undertaken:

Pancang Talantak
Tambilang Tatagak
Jahe Tatambang
Jarek Tarantang

Which means, an area previously not this man's land and still Rimbo Ana (Forest) is uninhabited and there have, that should not be contested again. To further this area will be a place to stay for farming, open rice field, and so forth.

Rimbo ditatak
Batuang ditabang
Talang dipancuang
Ijuak diruntun
Lalang disabik
Aka dicetah

After farm, one of this group (one of) back to the area Ikua Koto and create new taratak in Subang Anak. (Name taken from the story Earrings Children are left in that area). Finally, the remaining group who farming between  Bukit  Aru and Bukit Gantiang this is 11 people, they called Urang Nan Sabaleh.

However, eleven of which are miss understanding, because of the absence of agreements to remain settled there and does not have an agreement to continue the journey into one direction, there are inigin continue the journey to the west and there who want to go to North, is ultimately the nan sabaleh broken into two parts (groups). From this dispute then was held a discussion to search the entire agreement held in the top of Gantiang Hill. In this discussion where the group obtained the settlement is divided into two groups. The first group consisted of six people and the second group consisted of five people.

Both groups went on a trip according to the direction and goals of each and left the place farming they have made previously. Areas between Bukik Gantiang and Bukik Aru has become a place previously use to farm by urang nan sabaleh is called by Tambangan Tingga, which until now the area is still found to be located between the Nagari Nagari Jaho and mines.

The first group called nan Urang Baranam by bringing mine (tambilang namely, agricultural equipment used to haul biduak which ginger / for driving the ground) continue journey toward a hill overlooking (prodding) and make taratak in the area currently called Pagaduangan. The name is taken from the house of Captain pagaduangan Veldman that make the Netherlands entered the Minang Post time Kabau. Meanwhile, a second group called nan Urang Balimo by bringing Biduak for driving the Land (GINGER) continue the journey towards the north and stopped at Bukik Gombak. After doing musayawarah in Panjariangan, urang nan this balimo continue traveling and spreading open farming between Kandih and Sitingkai.

continued to part 2

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