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people may mortgaged property inheritance?

Posted By admin Monday, March 14, 2011

According to adat yang teradat, people may mortgaged property inheritance (debt) just to overcome the four problems bellow:

1. Submerged stem arouse
2. Old girl is not married
3. Bodies lay in the middle of the house
4. Rumah gadang demage.

By tradition or adat nan teradat, called by the Minangkabau inheritance is paddy and dry fields (fields = land, fields = water, as long as the term says: "homeland". Compared with Westerners, they are not familiar with the term homeland, but " Motherland "or mother earth).
Sources of income of traditional society is inherited by maternal family line.
Which has the property over the fields and fields (soil - water) is the daughter of his mother, so passed on down through the maternal line.
Boys are given the right to use it and should keep it or try to wander outside the village.

The presence or existence of a people (a large family in Minangkabau) is characterized by four material which is owned gadang house, rice fields, pandam cemetery and the edge of the bath.
Paddy-fields or land and water, a source of human life and a symbol of dignity of a people.
Minangkabau traditional culture forbids people to sell paddy-fields are derived from ancestral heritage; essentially a person prohibited from selling "land-water" or "homeland".

"Dijual tak dimakan beli, digadai tak dimakan sandera."

Did not always start from the mastery of the occupation / ownership of land by the person / alien nation.
Take in pawn are emergency measures, where land ownership rights remain on the owner.

Submerged stem arouse
Arouse likened issue stems submerged tree trunk submerged in water.
If not quickly removed, then this trunk will rot. Identical to the rod submerged, then the prestige of the "submerged" must be immediately removed as well, so sitting at a low position, upright as tall as the other families.
Prestige is the title of which is owned by the heritage.
Currently, the understanding can dianalogkan with academic degrees in science.
One's academic achievement will determine their status within the association community.

Old girl unmarried
Women in the structure of the Minangkabau people had more positions than men, so that daughters and mothers should be supported with inheritance. Other supporting factors are no less important is the husband who will protect life. Every effort is cultivated for girls to get the best husband. Women who do not have a daughter means she is unable to continue the existence of a people, so that the inside of the Minangkabau culture called extinct.

Bodies lay in the middle of the house
In the past to bury and pray for family members of the families of the deceased need not cost you a little. Now that these costs are substantially reduced. One thing to remember about the obligation of the heir to lay the corpse, which was owed. The cadaver debt payable immediately, although the mortgaged property by-inheritance.

Rumah gadang ketirisan
Rumah Gadang is a symbol of the existence of a people who have kept the situation, do not let broken, ketirisan. If the current houses gadang no longer function as a family residence, but if the house is still maintained, then people will still recognize that the family was still part of its citizens.

Identical to the home gadang, in modern society in the cities houses still used as a symbol of the achievements of families.
Currently, ownership or home improvements are accustomed to using debt facilities (hold-lien) from the bank.

source: www.nanampek.nagari.or.id

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