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History of Siguntur kingdom West Sumatera

Posted By admin Friday, March 18, 2011

History Siguntur kingdom has not been known, but according to local sources mentioned that area was a royal Dharmasyraya Siguntur in Swarnabhumi (Sumatra) located in the headwaters Batanghari, rivers crossed the province of Jambi to the estuary in the South China Sea. Before the Islamic religion into Minangkabau territory or Jambi, Siguntur kingdom is ruled by a small kingdom under Malay kingdom, but had also ruled in the kingdom of Srivijaya, Majapahit, Singasari, and Minangkabau.

In 1197 S (1275 AD) is the central Siguntur Malay kingdom with its king Mauliwarmadewa Sri Buana Raya Mauliawarmadewa title as king Dharmasyraya. While in Amonghapasa inscription mentions that in the year 1286 Sri Maharaja Tribhuwanaraja Mauliawarmadewa Dharmasyraya residing in rural areas of Riau mainland. In other words Swarnabhumi kingdom at that time has been moved from Jambi to Dharmasyraya.

Seeing both these opinions, there is a possibility in the 12th century kingdom is derived from the royal Siguntur Swarnabhumi Malayupuri Jambi. 14th-century Islamic religion into the Kingdom Siguntur. At that time the ruling was the king Pramesora which changed its name to Sultan Muhammad Shah, son of Sora Iskandarsyah. Next royal Siguntur shelter under Natural Minangkabau Kingdom.

Siguntur kingdom is the kingdom that stood since 1250 after the collapse of the Kingdom Calendar and persist for some time until then dominated by the Kingdom Pagaruyung but until now heir to the royal palace is still there and still hold Sutan.

Heirs who holds office until the current king Siguntur is Sutan Hendri If noted from the kings that ever reigned, the kingdom is also shelter under the empire under the reign Pagaruyung Adityawarman. The language used is language in the kingdom Siguntur Siguntur Minang dialect, which is similar to the dialect Payakumbuh.

PeninggalanKerajaan it remains a kind of dance called Toga Dance (Dance Prohibition), a dance that is similar to Malay dances and dance Minang. Toga dance became the official royal dance and displayed at the coronation ceremony the king (batagak gala), the royal family wedding, the ceremony fell bathing the child king, the celebration of the victory of the battle, and find a mate ring princess.

When the Dutch made it into Siguntur in 1908 and the kings of the Siguntur and surrounding areas were forced to admit the sovereignty of the Dutch Colonial, the king of losing its sovereignty. Many royal objects were taken, including the legend (the royal history is written) and the royal art activities, including Dance Toga, even vacuum already.

"Toga Dance almost lost, dance it had not been played and only remembered the stories passed down through generations, I collected information longer and revived in 1989," said my lady Marhasnida, one of the heir to the Kingdom Siguntur to PadangKini.com. Marhasnida is the younger cousin of the king now, Bagindo Queen Tuanku Sultan Hendri.

When Marhasnida pioneered in the 1980s, the dancers and PENDENDANG many have died. Fortunately there is a grandfather who was already over 80 years. He is the former PENDENDANG who are still alive. The old man still memorize all sang Dance Toga because since no longer singing, she often sang sang when Batobo.

Batobo is to clean the garden or mowing the fields together, 30 to 60 people. The PENDENDANG always Batobo for people not tired of working all day, he was told to singing while working.

"That is why poetry still remembered, while his dance there is still a grandmother who had bent to remember, the memories that I collated back and train teenagers in the family of the Kingdom of Toga Dance Siguntur to dance," said graduate art education and the Institute of Vocational Education (Teachers' Training College), Padang (now State University of Padang), which is now the art teacher at Junior High School II Arbor Island, Dharmasraya it.

Toga Dance Marhasnida modification is then displayed on the Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI) Padang in 1990 and played in various events Siguntur Kingdom, including welcoming participants "History of Marine Whitewater Expeditions Pamalayu" held by Institute for Preservation of Historical and Traditional Values ​​in Padang, the end of December last year.

Kings Siguntur:

a. Period of Hindu-Buddhist Sri Tribuwana Mauliwarmadewa (1250-1290), Sora (Sora Ox) (1290-1300), Pramesora (Pramesywara) (1300-1343), Adityiawarman (kanakamedinindra) (1343-1347)-ruled together in the Calendar and Pagaruyung.Adikerma (son Paramesora) (1347-1397), Jar Rajo Angek Garang (1397-1425), danTiang Long (1425-1560).

b. Islamic Period
Sutan Abdul Jalil Shah (1575-1650), Sultan Abdul Qadir (1650-1727), Sultan Amiruddin (1727-1864), Sultan Ali Akbar (1864-1914), Sultan Abu Bakar (1914-1968), Sultan Hendri (1968 - now)-just as the acting alone, without power because the royal Siguntur already no exist.

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